Teenagers face some of the most daunting period dilemmas. While going through major physiological changes, taboos surrounding menstruation is the last thing they need. However, the widespread stereotypes in society along with questions surrounding what is a menstrual cup or how to use a menstrual cup with pictures make it challenging for new menstruators to cope with the changes and make their periods comfortable. So, if you have been thinking if silky cups are a sustainable and convenient alternative to conventional period products, let us tell you, yes they are. However, if you need supporting statements regarding this, here we go! 

Are You Old Enough to Use Menstrual Cups?

Well, if you have started your period and want to rock it like a pro, you are old enough to use a cup. Like everyone out there, you need some practice to use the cups at first, but there is no such thing as being old enough to use a cup. Undoubtedly, you might still be getting to know your anatomy and so for using the cup perfectly you have to give yourself plenty of time to feel comfortable. 

Are Cups Better Than Disposable Period Products?

In every aspect, cups are better than disposable period products. How? Imagine the number of pads or tampons you use each year. Now imagine that number going to landfill waste along with other disposable sanitary hygiene products. Most disposable feminine sanitary products end up piling the landfills or in the ocean causing a major threat to terrestrial and marine life. You can now use the sustainable way when you are using cups and the best part is you can save in the long run as well. Cups can be used for about 2 years. Just use them clean them and store them in a breathable bag and they will be ready for your next cycle.

Are Cups More Convenient Than Pads and Tampons?

Of course, they are. Period cups can prevent leakage for longer hours than pads and tampons and they can be used for about 8-12 hours. Unlike conventional period products, they collect blood, instead of absorbing it and so you can use them while swimming as well. They don’t cause irritation or itching in your intimate area and as the cups are made from medical-grade silicone they don’t cause infections leading to grave issues like Toxic Shock Syndrome. Now, you tell us what’s more convenient! 


In case you still want an expert opinion about what is a menstrual cup, how to clean a silky cup or how to use a menstrual cup with pictures, you can always reach out to certified gynaecologists for their advice. Menstrual cups have been wildly becoming a popular option among menstruating women for all the right reasons, and you should also be a part of the global change. Just ensure to pick the right period cup made from medical-grade silicone, and you can bid adieu to your period woes for the next few years effortlessly.